Modifying Cars

What is legal and what isn’t?

The area of car modification can be as clear as mud and the laws regarding modified cars is often subject to change. However we will try and help you shed some light on the legal aspect of modifying your ride however we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information.

Undercar Neons are legal if only the glow is visible. You should be able to turn them off. Read more about undercar neon kits.

Interior Neons have the same rules as under car kits – no visible, distracting bulbs or tubes and be able to switch them off if the police request you to do so.

Lights at the front and rear and side indicators must meet the legal requirements (regardless of what else you have added). These being two white lights at the front, two red lights at the rear, orange turning lights at front, rear and both sides.

Window Tints are legal to any degree at the rear of the vehicle. In the front driver and passenger windows and the windscreen your vision must not be impaired – in legal terms this has been interpreted to mean that a minimum of 70% of visible light must be transmitted. Read more about window tints.

Radar/Laser Detectors are another confusing area. GPS systems that alert you to the presence of “safety” cameras are perfectly legal, in fact the latest AA road maps also contain camera locations. Laser detectors are now illegal, as are any systems which jam or don’t reflect radar and laser.