Every one of us needs to get car insurance to drive on the road. If you don’t buy car insurance, you might face a fine of up to £1000 or get your vehicle destroyed or seized. The insurance will cover the loss on the car with some premiums payable annually, half-yearly, or monthly depending on the company you choose. Different companies provide different policies and offers. Choosing the right policy and the right company is a must.

Coverage of car insurance

The car insurance will cover the financial losses with the level of protection depending on your policy choice. When an accident occurred, all you have to pay is the excess amount as the fee set by the policy will be claimed. You can also ask for voluntary excess, but that might increase the cost of further premiums.
There are different levels of car insurance. The cost to be covered will be based on the level you choose.

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Types of Car insurance

Comprehensive cover

Comprehensive covers are also called “fully comprehensive.” It mainly covers you, your passengers, your car, your property, and any third party involved in the accident. It also protects your vehicle from theft and vandalism.

Third-party, theft, or fire insurance

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In this insurance, it covers third parties who are involved in an accident, but its primary focus is protecting the car against theft and damage that is caused by fire. The insurance cannot be claimed for the damage to your vehicle after the act of vandalism or accident.

Multi-car insurance

This type of insurance is for households that want to claim discounts on multiple vehicles with the same insurance company.

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Young driver car insurance

Young driver car insurance is for the young drivers who are considered to be high-risk drivers.

Taxi insurance

Some insurance companies get to pay higher premiums as they run taxis for many hours a day.

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Things considered for the cost of car insurance

The high-risk drivers are to pay higher premiums as they can be more likely to have accidents and demand expensive claims.
The insurance companies consider the followings factors for car insurance-
● The type of cars is into consideration. Expensive new cars might cost more to insure as the bills of repair are usually high.
● The bigger the engine size, the more cost it takes to pay the premiums.
● Any modifications in the car also affect the cost of premiums, and they are usually high.
● Personal information like age, address, and other personal details are mandatory.
Driving experience, planned usage no claim bonus are the facts to be considered before getting car insurance.